TFP (Time for Print)

Have I recently approached you on the street and asked you for a TFP-photoshoot?

Or are you interested in standing in front of a camera and try out, or do you want to build up your model portfolio? Or you have a friend you think who could be interested?

Then I invite you to contact me!

I am always looking for new, interesting faces to build up my portfolio. You don't need to have experience in front of a camera. The fact that I asked you for a photoshoot means that I truly think you are photogenic.

A TFP (Time for Print)-Photoshoot is based on a simple agreement between photographer and model: Both sides work without payment and can use the photos for their purpose. As a photographer, I am interested in building up my portfolio, whereas you may use the photos for your Social Media profile, your model portfolio etc.

Of course, you may bring a person of trust to the photoshoot. And we will make a contract regulating the ownership and use of the photos we made.

For more details, please feel free to ask. I will be happy to answer your questions.

For application, please send me a message by using the contact sheet.

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